Man, I loved this show back in the day. Being from San Diego kinda made it super cool, as well. I used to play the PC game every day for my allotted half hour at the library’s computer after school. I had the highest score and was like…two freaking missions from taking her on directly…and one of the boys from my history class deleted my account, out of spite. Everything…lost! 😦

There’s a transition here, I promise. See, I’ve been playing MUDs again, this time back to roleplay-enforced one named Aetolia (I’ll write more about that later, but let me say if you like roleplay, MUDs can offer a dramatic and engrossing experience, and Aetolia is one of the best out there for RP), and one of the things we’ve been doing as a community is writing blogs based on our characters in the game, using the 100 themes writing prompt.

This is a really awesome exercise, but everyone wants to use tumblr, so I’ve been fiddling over there. Feel free to go check that out, but I do warn you that it’s pretty heavily based on that game, so it might not make much sense: ANYWAYS, tumblr is icky. There is no autosave feature, and I am a slapdash typer, so when I accidentally closed the tab (and I can’t find an easy way to disable these shortcuts!) – bam. Two hours worth of writing gone.

Denial: nooooo! What just- wtf!


Bargaining: Look, I’ll take it back. I’ll even setup a meme page. Just…please…let me have it back? Please?

Depression: It’s gone for good, isn’t it?

Acceptance: Le sigh. Oh well. At least I got Lazarus out of it. (This is a really awesome Chrome extension that temporarily saves EVERYTHING you type into form fields for instant recovery if you close the window or hit the back button. Very useful for active bloggers).

Anyways, I’ve been all caught up in MUDs and writing and, oh, I started graduate level courses down at the university. So, that too. 😛 My guild is a bit bummed out by me, as I’ve become a bit of a raid logger, but I’m making steps to hang out a bit more each week with them outside of raiding.

To-Do tonight: a post about disc priesting through the first half of Throne of Thunder.