So I’m trying to make friends in the blogging community and I signed up for the Furtive Father Winter, a special little secret Santa of online creativity!

My secret target was a writer named Nightwill whose work tends to cover roleplay and the game experience. I made her a picture featuring her main character, the Tauren emblem, and quotes from her character, taken from her website. I hope she likes it! Looking over the other presents, though, it seems that I was confused about the assignment; everyone else wrote stories and guest blog posts, so I kinda messed up there. I hope my gift is still ok :/


For what’s under my own virtual tree – I got an awesome email with a great guest post as my gift. So, without further ado, here is a lovely post from Jojo over at Admiring Azeroth, covering the 12 battlepets of Winter Veil 🙂


Hey Kaliy! (and your readers).

Hope you’ve had a good festive season so far.

I’m Jojo and I write the blog Admiring Azeroth ( I, like yourself, don’t cover anything too specific in my blog. Rather I try to cover a bit of everything. From looking at your blog I’ve noticed that the main differences between our respective blogs is that you cover PvP, BG’s and Raids (which I don’t do) and I cover more on scenery (i.e. screenshots) and Pet Battles.

My initial idea was to do a twist on the ’12 Days of Christmas’ or something related to Pet Battles. However, I do realise that some people don’t like Pet Battles and/or have no desire to experience them. So, I checked the armory and noticed that you have collected and levelled some pets. In the end I decided to produce a mini-guide to seasonal (i.e. winter) pets that are available in-game and I was able to fit them into 12 points. I’m sure there are other pets available in-game that are wintery but these are the ones I could think of.

1. Snow Cub (Dun Morogh, Pet levels 1-2)

Found throughout Dun Morogh and one of the first and easiest pets available to capture.

2. Snowshoe Hare (Hillsbrad Foothills, Pet levels 6-7)

Found throughout the snowy region of the Hillsbrad Foothills, these hares share a similar design to other hares / rabbits.

3. Alpine Chipmunk (Winterspring, Pet levels 17-18)

These are found in a few select locations within Winterspring as well as within the Stonetalon Mountains and Mount Hyjal. Unfortunately, they are the same/similar model as other chipmunks and squirrels – not white like I’d hoped.

4. Snowy Owl (Winterspring, Pet levels 17-18)

The Snowy Owl is a season dependent pet and only appears during in-game winter. Spawn locations are throughout Winterspring.

5. Crystal Spider (Winterspring, Pet levels 17-18)

These little spiders look so fragile and suit their name well. They spawn within two small regions of Winterspring; Lake Kel’Theril and Frostwhisper Gorge.

6. Everlook Mechanicals (Winterspring, Pet levels 17-18)

Around the Goblin settlement Everlook a number of mechanicals can be found. These
mechanical pets are the Robo-Chick, Rabid Nut Varmint 5000 and the Anodized Robo
cub. These pets have a relatively unique look, with only a few additional mechanical pets
available to capture.

7. Mountain Skunk (Storm Peaks, Pet levels 22-23)

The screenshot shots my mage with my level 25 Mountain Skunk Pongy. He’s a rare and one of the first pets I levelled to 25. I think the skunks look cool but they also have a rather amusing ability, ‘Stench’, which reduces the enemy teams accuracy by emitting a green gas cloud.

8. Arctic Fox Kit (Storm Peaks, Pet levels 22-23)

The Arctic Fox Kit only spawns when it’s snowing and is required for the ‘Northrend Safari’ achievement. The Alpine Foxling (found in Kun-Lai Summit) shares the same model so if you don’t want to hang around waiting for snow and aren’t bothered about the achievement head there.

9. Tundra Penguin (Dragonblight, Pet levels 22-23)

The Tundra Penguin is the only capturable penguin in-game and I think they’re really cute with their chubby bellies and feathered crests. Two other penguins exist in-game; Pengu (whom can be bought once exalted with the Kalu’ak) and Mr Chilly (whom can no longer be gained).

10. Summit Kid (Kun-Lai Summit, Pet levels 23-25)

I love goats and this pet was a must have for me. It’s not as wintery as the other pets but the kids are found at the edge of the mountains in Kun-Lai and I really wanted to include them in my list.

11. Kun-Lai Runt (Kun-Lai Summit, Pet levels 23-25)

These little yetis are found on the snow-capped mountains of north-western Kun-Lai. They look unique, are real beasts and are great for battling.

12. Winter Veil Pets

I couldn’t really talk about winter season pets without acknowledging those gained from taking part in the Winter Veil festival. There are a number of pets so I decided to bundle them into rather than cover them individually. The available pets are the Tiny Snowman, Clockwork Rocket Bot, Winter Reindeer, Father Winters Helper (green), Winters Little Helper (red) and Lumpy. In the screenshot below I am posing as Winters Little Helper (with a little help from a PX-238 Winter Wondervolt machine) and all the pets, except Lumpy, are shown. Unfortunately I don’t have Lumpy Yet but hopefully I’ll get him before the end of the world event!

And there it is, my list of wintery companion / battle pets that you can use to fully
accessorise this winter season! Hope you’ve enjoyed my little ‘gift’ to you and I wish you all
the best with your blog etc in the future!