I recently tried to join a RBG via Battlemasters. No hate on the site – I love these new communities for PvP. However…sometimes…I am astounded by the kind of things I see.

Random Leader: “What’s your gear/MMR?”

Me: “http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/dragonmaw/Kaliy/simple – healer priest, veteran of the horde, 15 from vet #2, 7.8k resil – low MMR (1500) however because I’ve been playing with guildies. Great player!”

Random leader: “8k resil? That’s subpar.”

Me: “Wait…what?”

Random leader: “I only take 10k resil players.”

Ok, I suck at math. But I think I am fairly in the clear to say that 10k resil is a SHIT TON OF WINS. I have capped EVERY SINGLE WEEK except for 1 (I had the flu, sue me!). My cap IS ABOVE THE MINIMUM CAP. I GEM PARTIALLY FOR RESIL. If my resilience is “below the norm” there is a severely skewed impression of what the norm is going around.

But, then again, I don’t really blame people for being confused. Actual rating is somewhat of a lost cause right now – when there are 60 pages of people wanting to cheat the system, you HAVE TO admit that something is wrong. Or, ya know, at least ban those 60 pages worth of people. Sadly, neither of those has happened, so we have a system riddled with crazy ratings, permeated with far-too-powerful gear…and one that makes legitimate victories feel worthless.

I really am quite sad to learn about this rampant win culture. As you can see in my self advertisement, I am quite proud of my RBGing. I’ve been doing it as a PUG since the system debuted, and I want to earn “Warbringer of the Horde” this season. The issue is that the win trading has pervaded beyond just the top brackets – as you can see by the skewed view of “geared”, even midranged brackets are being ruined by these exploits. I used to be able to hop in for any team and many people on my server will snatch me up as a RBG healer – healers are rare this expansion. With a wider net, however, we start seeing the influence of cheats.

Let’s have a visual. Here are top top rankings:


Here’s an easy way to discern a cheater- look at the number of games they have played. Most of us? We’ve played HUNDREDS of games. These cheating brats have played maybe 10 or 20 games. Can you spot the cheater in the above pic? The sad answer is that MOST OF THEM ARE CHEATERS.

I am gonna stop ranting about cheaters. Oh, I mean, it’s not because I *want* to give it a break. It’s just that there’s no point in being upset; there is no website functionality to report  cheaters at the top brackets, unless you use the in-game reporting system, which relies upon being in a group with them, encountering them in a BG or arena, or being on the same server as them. This is an irritating oversight, as PvP is based on battlegroups (ie, multiple servers linked together). I quite like the many new additions Blizz made to automate customer support, like the new item restoration service and easy, right-click reporting – but they need to extend it to armory profiles and ladder listing functionality for it to be truly useful.

Tons of PvPers have identified people who are clearly cheating or win trading…but have no way to flag them for the mods to investigate. For PvP, in most games you play (especially the smaller ones), a lot of the potential regulation and moderation can be outsourced to the community itself – you aren’t fighting NPCs in PvP, but other players directly, so the impacts of cheating are instantly felt and disliked. The majority of serious PvPers aren’t behind cheating, and the cheaters will quickly rise above the rest as they are ferreted out. Crowdsourcing the moderation for PvP is easy AND it also has a great, “calming” effect on the frustrated honest players. Being able to easily flag people who are obviously cheating feels a heck of a lot better than just having to sit and shrug, accepting it.