The expansion is lingering on and you are building up those Justice Points with every dungeon you run. Toss em here:

– Gold: the most obvious place to spend JPs is at the Justice Trade Goods vender, who sits right next to the valor points vendor. WHAT to buy, however, is a tricky question. Your own server’s market will affect the value of items here, but unless you have some amazing farmers driving down mat costs on your AH, the most valuable items are either heavenly shards or savage leather.

– More gold: Now, if you are an enchanter, you can just skip this vendor and go straight to the JP vendor. Buy a relic or wand for 700 JPs and DE that – you will get 1-2 maelstroms which you can then shatter into heavenly shards. CHECK YOUR SERVER’S ECONOMY FIRST before investing a lot of points in this. On a slower server, however, it’s a nice extra chunk of cash.

– Shoulder enchants: I don’t know about you, but I can’t be assed to go through the entire Deepholm quest chain again on my alts. But, sigh, I want to get them some shoulder enchants for raiding. An EASY option? Convert your justice points to honor and buy the PvP ones. Yeah, they have resil, but something’s better than nothing, yes?

– Heirlooms: If you haven’t looked into heirlooms, they are a simple purchase of gear which you can then mail to an alt. Great stats and increased xp while levelling! Easy peasy!

– Reputation: Most people actually don’t know about this way to spend JPs – head to Dalaran and go to the AH/legacy justice vendors in your faction’s area. One of them (for Horde it’s the far left) will let you purchase reputation tokens. You can use this to get exalted with nearly every Wrath faction (you will still need to do the quest line with the ice ladies to unlock the Sons of Hodir vendors).